COMBAT! MAXH S3 E32 - Κάτω από τις στάχτες , Greek Subs

▶ EPISODE: S3E32 - Beneath the Ashes
• AIR RELEASE DATE: April 27, 1965.- TIME: 50' - Approx. SOUND: Stereo.
• Η ΜΑΧΗ - COMBAT!. Η καλύτερη πολεμική σειρά της Αμερικανικής τηλεόρασης (1962 - 1967) που προβλήθηκε και από την Ελληνική τηλεόραση την δεκαετία του 1970. Με τους Βικ Μόροου (Λοχίας Σόντερς) και Ρικ Τζέϊσον (Υπ/γός Τζιλ Χένλι).
Αφιερωμένο σε όλους εμάς που σαν παιδιά βλέπαμε τη σειρά. Εκείνη την εποχή το παιχνίδι στη γειτονιά σταμάταγε γιατί σε λίγο θα άρχιζε η ΜΑΧΗ. Την επόμενη μέρα δε στο σχολείο συζητούσαμε για το επισόδειο που είδαμε την προηγούμενη...
Ήταν μία παραγωγή της SELMUR PRODUCTIONS που προβλήθηκε από το κανάλι ABC της Αμερικανικής τηλεόρασης την περίοδο 1962-1967.

Lt. Hanley receives a letter from the friend of the wife of one of his men, Steve Kovac [Chad Everett], advising that Kovac's wife is in hospital and dying. Unfortunately Kovac is on a patrol and Hanley decides not recall him until the news that his wife is dying is confirmed (at which time he will get an emergency leave). In the meantime the patrol lead by Sgt. Saunders enters a French town to gather information and runs into the Germans. They manage to kill the Germans but another group moves in to occupy the building they have been fighting from which appears to be their headquarters building. As a result Saunders and the patrol is trapped and hide out in the basement of the building. The Germans assume that their men have been killed by a patrol that has already gone and continue setting up in the building the patrol is hiding below. Not long after, under cover of an artillery barrage, the patrol manages to escape and return to base where Lt. Hanley breaks the news to Kovac. While he is preparing to return home news comes through that his wife has died and his leave is cancelled. Kovac reacts badly when he finds out that Hanley received the news in time to recall him from patrol but by then Hanley and his platoon have moved off as part of an overall advance and Kovac follows them with the idea of killing Hanley in revenge. In the meantime the platoon has been ambushed and Hanley becomes pined down in a fox hole. After talking to Saunders Kovac realises that Hanley took the correct action and between both Saunders and Kovac they manage to beat off the Germans and save Hanley.
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